Although I am a chartered accountant by profession, my main interest is in software and technology - in particular how it can be used to make businesses work smarter and more profitably.

In 1995 I resigned as one of four partners in an independent accountancy firm to set-up my own firm, Pearson & Associates based in Skipton, North Yorkshire.

At various times I have also been part-time finance director of 2 other businesses - Taskmaster, a staff agency, and Merit Software, a payroll and invoicing software developer.

I founded, and manage, the Xero Users Online Community, which is a resource for users of the worlds easiest accounting software.

My current software ventures are Checkmybooks and Movemybooks. Ledgerscope is client records checking and correction software for accountants. Movemybooks is an online data conversion service, for businesses moving from Sage to Xero.

Happily married to Julie, I am 49 and live in West Yorkshire with a 17 year old son and a 5 year old golden retriever. We have 4 other adult boys who float in and out as their social lives permit. (Ages all as of December 2013).

Tel:  +44 (0)7944 970997
Email/IM:  adrianpearson@outlook.com
Twitter:  @adrianpear5on
Skype:  adrianpear5on