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It's £250 per month to join this exclusive club


My old firm Pearson & Associates have launched a complete redsign of their website today. And very good it looks too in my view, but that is not why I am writing about it.

What is the striking message that comes through from the home page?

I think the firm are very clearly indicating the type of new clients they are looking for: businesses prepared to pay at least £250 per month for access to a broad range of professional services.

Pearson & Associates understand that they may be turning away businesses looking for just compliance services but they have their own clear strategy and that does not include trying to be all things to all people. The firm wants to work with team-led businesses that need a full range of professional services.

At a time when there are dire predictions for the future of independent small firms I believe that my old colleagues are right to position themselves as they are doing.

More importantly though, it is refreshing to see an "accountancy" firm being brave enough to make it clear who they do NOT want to work with.

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