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Change broadband service? No problem.

We recently decided to move our home broadband service from PlusNet to Sky, because of the excellent package available for inclusive TV and home telephone.

Today is the day that the new service activated, and therefore the day that the old connection stopped working. Today I was expecting some stress and hassle. There was none.

It's over 5 years since we last changed provider and I well remember what a pain it was. The router was difficult to setup and needed a wired (ethernet) connection to configure. Activating the security settings was a pain, as was supplying the correct DSL settings and changing the password.

Today things are different. It may be just that Sky have really got their act together, but I suspect my experience with any of the top providers would have been the same: a painless and seamless setup procedure that "just worked".

I attached the router to its stand, plugged in the telephone and power cables and waited for a couple of minutes until all of the status lights went green. That was it. Job done. I could connect wirelessly to the router straight away and, after entering the supplied password, I was browsing away.

It's easy to focus on new products and services coming along and forget that existing technology is getting better all the time.

I was certainly pleasantly surprised today.

No I won't do a factory reset!

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