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No I won't do a factory reset!

My PC crashed a few minutes ago. To be more specific, the monitor went all "Matrix" on me for a split second then the machine rebooted itself. Great.

This is the third time this has happened but I wont be calling the supplier's support department - not after my experience when the first crash happened.

Still in the free support period, I put in a call to the supplier (after I had jumped through all of the hoops they put in place before I was allowed to speak to a person). I explained what had happened and was then guided through some basic troubleshooting steps, culminating in reinstalling the video driver.

What happens if reloading the driver has not solved the problem and it happens again? I asked. The astonishing answer was:

Have you installed any software or hardware since you took delivery? For us to troubleshoot your issue further we need you to restore the PC to the original factory settings.

You must be joking!

I had started to use the product I spent my hard earned cash on. I had installed updates, browser extensions/plugins, software I use on a daily basis - like Skype, Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat - and attached a scanner. And those were just the things I could remember.

When you think about it, this is a great policy for PC suppliers to adopt. Almost always, their customers will refuse to perform the factory reset because it would be practically impossible (and a huge task) to get back to where they originally were.

So, the free support period and/or warranty may be 2 years but if your problem strikes after 2 weeks or more it seems you are likely to live with it, or try to fix it yourself.

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