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If only our customers were as vocal


Don't you wish your customers were like this?

You see, the thing about football supporters is they let you know where they (and you) stand. They are customers of the football club and spend hard-earned money on tickets and programmes. And if they don't think they are getting the product/service they expect they make sure their message gets through to the boss (the Chairman).

This doesn't happen in our own small businesses. If our customers are not happy they grumble to themselves and to others, but rarely to us, to the boss.

By the time we find out that our customers are unhappy with our product/service it's too late. We have lost our chance to redeem the situation because the customer has voted with their feet. We suddenly notice that they are not buying from us anymore, or we receive the handover letter from another firm.

It's human nature that customers are reluctant to indulge us with second chances, which means that we must make it our business to constantly check that they are happy and make changes if needed to retain their custom.

If you had a band of customers gathered outside your office window waving "we want our accounts done more quickly" placards you would know exactly what was needed.

But, of course, that's not going to happen.

Image: Yorkshire Evening Post

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