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Does your website reflect your niche?

In a previous post I wrote about an accountancy firm (Pearson & Associates) who make it very clear on their website what type of clients they are looking to work with. They use the potential size and aspirations of businesses as the criteria for taking them on as clients - using monthly fee packages as the guide.

Yesterday I was introduced to Amy Taylor Accountancy, via Twitter. Amy asked what people thought of her new website and I replied saying it had a very feminine feel. Amy's response to that was:

Thanks Adrian. It is a bit girly isn't it, but as Mums in business is the niche I am serving, hopefully they will like it!

So, whilst being less overt than Pearson & Associates about the type of clients she is aiming to work with, nonetheless Amy is making her position clear by using a coherent design syle that will appeal to her target market - mums in business. Her site visitors will be subconsciously qualifying themselves.

Too often I see websites where accountancy firms make bold statements about the niche(s) they wish to specialise in but where the site design makes no concessions to those niches. Amy hasn't made the same mistake.

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