Adrian pearson is A VETERAN UK CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT AND the founder of ledgerscope - A SOFTWARE COMPANY MAking great tools for accountants in practice.

Building "The Accountants Web"

Pearltrees is a great way to bookmark websites, so that you can refer back to them later. It allows the user to link and group websites in an intuitive, visual way.

I have just started to build a Pearltree which I have called "The Accountants Web".

I am gathering links to web resources that I believe accountants working in independent practices will find interesting and useful. It's early days, but the tree will grow.

The Accountants Web and Utilities / Websites / Marketing / CRM / Productivity in Adrian Pearson (adrianpearson)

As information overload is a problem, maybe curated "mini-internets" such as this will help.

If you have suggestions for sites to include, please shout.

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