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The budget, who cares?

It's that time of year again and the interweb is alive with accountants trying to make the Budget sound like an interesting event.

 The Chancellor will deliver his Budget speech soon

The Chancellor will deliver his Budget speech soon

It is for them. It's vitally important that accountants know what changes are going to be made to the UK tax system, otherwise they are in no position to undertake tax work for their clients or advise them properly.

However, their clients have only a passing interest in the Chancellor's proposals. When he stands up to speak next Wednesday they won't be listening, they will be busy running their businesses, or off somewhere enjoying the fruits of their labours.

Of course business owners know that tax changes are important and will affect their pockets, but they expect their accountant to tell them the bits they need to know, the bits that directly impact them. The rest, the detail, is just noise.

So, I wonder why accountancy firms are so keen to Blog or Tweet about the Budget live or hold "Budget Breakfast" events the morning after. Why they spend time and good money buying Budget Guides and Tax Data Cards (handy pocket size!) to give away to their clients - as soon as humanly possible after Mr Osborne sits down.

Clients don't want information, they want to be looked after. They don't want to assess and understand, they want to be advised.

This is a clear case of less is more. Don't send your client a thirty-page guide to everything in the Budget (even though it might look really nice) call him or her and spend ten minutes explaining the bits that they need to know about.

That will demonstrate that you care about the right things.

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