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A solution to the password dilemma

Use the service at and you'll only have one password to remember in future.

We all know the problem: you know you should have different, complicated, passwords for all of the services you have to sign in to but how the hell are you supposed to manage that?

The recent security breach regarding LinkedIn passwords prompted me to get serious about my own passwords. I was not too concerned about my LinkedIn account, after all what damage could someone actually do there? I was more worried about the fact that I have tended to use the same password (or a close variation of it) for all of my logins. This, we are all told (rightly) is a real security no-no.

So, over the weekend, I started using the password solution offered by Lastpass and, so far, I am really impressed.

After the quick and easy install of a new extension for my preferred browser (Chrome) I was up and running. I chose a hard to guess "Master" password and now I use that to access all of the passwords stored in my new Lastpass password vault.

I could have simply stored all of my existing passwords in the new vault, Lastpass does a good job of recognising and storing these automatically, but I opted to change all of them to new, ninja-difficult secure passwords. Lastpass makes this easy too, by generating secure passwords which can then be pasted into the change password field on your screen.

Some of the sites I visit regularly are now set to "Auto Login", which means that Lastpass automatically enters my username and password and logs me straight in whenever I visit the site. This is much more useful than you might first think.

All of the features I needed were covered by the Lastpass free account - with the paid account being only $1 per month. The main difference is that the paid account supports smartphones as well as PC browsing, which is something I can manage without at the moment.

I have been aware of password management software for some time now and, having finally decided to bite the bullet, I am glad I did. Let someone try post a rogue status update on my LinkedIn account now if they like.

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