Adrian pearson is A VETERAN UK CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT AND the founder of ledgerscope - A SOFTWARE COMPANY MAking great tools for accountants in practice.

Accountants getting the software bug

I've just been chatting with Steven Heather of Heather & Co Chartered Accountants about Ledgerscope and Movemybooks. And guess what? He's involved with a new software product too.

Steven has collaborated with a software-developer client to produce Reminders Etc, an online reminders service aimed at personal users.  From the homepage:

Set up a reminder in seconds, or use "Quick Reminders" to create a series of reminders, and our FREE web-based service will email you at the time you specify so you never miss an important date. 

It looks a neat, modern web app and something that might keep the less organised amongst us from getting into trouble.

I know of a number of accountant contacts who currently have ideas for software projects. Steven has actually executed on his but I expect that others will follow in time too. For my part, I stepped away from my accountancy practice a couple of years ago to concentrate my software company.

The SaaS delivery model, coupled with low-cost, flexible hosting platforms such as Microsoft's Azure and Amazon's EC2 mean that the barriers to entry have lowered significantly for new software products. This now means that those with ideas have the chance to make them happen.

It seems accountants no longer yearn to be Lion Tamers: they want to be software developers.

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