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Students don't drive Rolls Royces

If you are constantly being told that your business needs to work hard to get more Twitter followers, more Facebook "likes" and more website visitors then I recommend that you read this short article: 50,000 new visitors to cartoonist's site results in an extra 23 books sold.

It's common sense really, recognising that more traffic or exposure is not important on its own; what is important is getting your business in front of the right people. People who need your product or service.

Imagine that your local council announces that they are building a brand new university, right at the end of the road your showroom sits on. Since your road will be the main thoroughfare to the new campus, you can expect a huge increase in the foot-fall past your showroom and many more thousands of eyes looking through your shop window.

Great then? Er .. no; because you sell luxury Rolls Royce motor cars and students don't drive Rolls Royces usually. In reality, it's likely that the new university will cause problems for you, with litter and possibly anti-social behaviour. The increased traffic will be bad for business, not good.

As cartoonist Lars Martinson found, as in the real world, when thinking about marketing via social media it's quality not quantity that counts.

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