Adrian pearson is A VETERAN UK CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT AND the founder of ledgerscope - A SOFTWARE COMPANY MAking great tools for accountants in practice.

My desk is a guilt-thrower

When I wake up, the first thing I find myself doing nowadays is picking up my smartphone.

I can instantly see if anyone has contacted me: by the indication icons for voicemail, email, text messages, instant messaging, Skype and Twitter. It's now an easy matter to respond to these on an handheld device. My To-do list and calendar tell me if there is anyone I need to contact and what plans, if any, I have for the day.

Next I can check my newsfeeds, Twitter timeline and catch-up on the news of the day in the phone's web-browser. If I need to make notes about anything I have OneNote in my hand, waiting for me to type.

With another few taps, I can see what the overnight sales figures were for my businesses, what my bank balances are looking like and if anyone has commented on this blog.

In short, my workday now starts the moment I wake up and, often, I have done all of my urgent and important work before I ever sit at my desk.

The hardest job is convincing my sub-conscious mind that I have started work - because until I sit at my desk, it keeps nagging me that I am slacking.

I don't think future generations will have this genetic programming.

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