Adrian pearson is A VETERAN UK CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT AND the founder of ledgerscope - A SOFTWARE COMPANY MAking great tools for accountants in practice.

Accounting Talk - where accountants play nice?

After contributing to this thread on AccountingWeb, where accountants were complaining about perceived inadequacies in the AnyAnswers forum on that site, I decided to build one myself.

When I say build one, that's a bit grand because what I did was research the best online community platform then implement an instance of it for this purpose. I chose Discourse for my site - mainly because it's an open-source project, something I am increasingly drawn to.

Accounting Talk looks to address the 3 main concerns raised by those posing on AccountingWeb:

  1. The desire to make the community an accountants-only place (no members of the public)
  2. The need for all conversations to be civilised, making it a nice place to be
  3. To allow for self-policing of the community based on trust levels earned by regular users

As of writing I am the only member of my new community, so time will tell whether this was just an interesting diversion for me or whether, in fact, I have been able to provide something which will have lasting value for its target audience.

UPDATE - The Accounting Talk forum has been closed due to lack of interest. It seems there was not much demand for an alternative forum. You can take a horse to water ...

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