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Michael the Aerial man

 An aerial man. Not Michael himself, that would be a bit weird

An aerial man. Not Michael himself, that would be a bit weird

Yesterday I talked on the phone to Michael, a self-employed TV Aerial man (he's a son who took over his father's business). I've asked him to relocate a TV and re-route the aerial cable and Ethernet cable accordingly. The problem I have is not being available on the day he plans to come and do the work.

Here is the transcript of the conversation:

Michael: You can explain what's going where when I come.
Adrian: No I can't as I can't be there.
Michael: Oh, talk me through it again then.
Adrian: I have done a diagram, showing on a floor plan where the TV will be sited and where the cables need to run. Let me email it to you.
Michael: We don't use email, I prefer to talk to people so you have everything clear.
Adrian: Everything is really clear on this diagram if I can send it.
Michael: No, talk me through it again ...

Now, I wonder if Michael knows whats coming, when HMRC's Making Tax Digital initiative comes into play, starting in April 2018?

HMRC have decreed that:

... most businesses, self-employed people and landlords will, by 2020, be required to use software or apps (“digital tools”) to keep their business records and to provide regular updates of information.

A bit more of a culture shock than accepting email methinks, and I wonder how HMRC plan to make the new system work with the Michaels of the world.

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